DeFranco Carpet Cleaning

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Here, at DeFranco Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery, we take pride in ensuring our customers have complete satisfaction with our service, including the care that we use while treating your home.

  • We thoroughly vacuum your carpet before cleaning 
  • All stains/spots are pre-treated with the appropriate cleainign agent
  • Application Process: We pre-spray the cleaining solution over the carpeted areas using an electric sprayer in order to obtain the most even application 
  • We rinse the carpet while utilizing a pH balanced rinse, which extracts all soils and detergents from you carpet
  • Any moved furniture is replaced and tabbed to prevent leg wicking
  • The carpet is groomed (Pilated) for maximum drying and appearance

Finally, you are left with a soft, freshly cleaned carpet for you to enjoy.

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